Our Story

Numix is a car refinishing paint system by National Paints, brilliantly designed to suit all types of vehicles with an infinite range of colors, it is a complete system with an extensive range of products that provide superior and protective quality finishes.

Numix is available in two systems; (a) Numix 1K Base Coat which requires 2K Clear Coat, (b) Numix 2K Top Coat which only requires a special hardener. Both systems provide protection with a high glossy finish.

The system provides a complete variety of color combinations that enables the user to obtain colors for different cars of all brands known in the world, through a specially designed software. It is also possible to make RAL and BS colors using Numix paints.

Numix provides a unique customer friendly solution for the vehicle repair and maintenance user by using its rich inventory of paints, ancillaries and accessories.